Celebrate Black History Month at University West of Scotland, Ayr Campus

Join us for “Celebrating Diversity”

Wednesday 30 October at 18.30

Black History Month is celebrated every October in Scotland. It is both a celebration of black history and culture but also an important month to highlight the racism experienced by many black people across the world. It is only by understanding this context that we can move forward in a fair and equal society.

Ayrshire Equality Partnership present ‘Celebrating Diversity’ as part of their programme of activities to raise awareness and understanding about equality and diversity in Ayrshire and beyond.

This free community event will open with Faroque Hussain, Chief Superintendent of Police Scotland who will chart his journey within Police Scotland to the position he holds today. Khadija Mohammed, Senior Lecturer in the University of the West of Scotland will then discuss the challenges and opportunities within the education sector by asking, ‘I’m just a Teacher’ – what chance is there for future anti-racist education?

This will then be followed by Dr Christian Harrison, Programme Leader, University of the West Of Scotland who will underline the value of inclusive thinking in leadership. Such a mind-set and behaviour is important in the creation of social, environmental and economic value within our diverse environment.

Finally, Dr Nighet Riaz, an early career researcher and associate lecturer in the University of the West of Scotland will discuss how the principles of social justice, equality and fairness assist her to work with others to visualising what a fairer Scotland could look like as a member of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission.

This will thereafter be followed by a panel discussion

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