A little bit of Guns ‘N’ Roses comes to Kilmarnock!

Provost Jim Todd was very excited to attend Patchwork Recovery Community in Kilmarnock recently where he got the chance to don a top hat donated by none other than Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses!

Thanks to peer volunteer Susan Fulton, the hat was donated to the Patchwork group as an online auction item.

Prior to the pandemic, the group was providing a seven day (and evening) centre for people recovering from drug, alcohol and mental health issues but COVID-19 forced them to deliver their services differently. Since March, volunteers have been providing a range of peer support including food, clothing, phones and top up credit, data packages, advice and most of all a friendly face.

The group relies on donations to run this service and there was no more surprising a donation than Slash’s hat!

The Provost wanted to help promote this extraordinary item and more details about the auction will be coming soon.