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East Ayrshire Council is facing a period of unprecedented change. We need to reduce our budget by around £32 million (15%) over the next three years and to change the way we deliver services with and for our communities.

People @ the of everything we do

We received over 3,500 responses to the Vibrant Voices Campaign and your views and ideas have helped to shape how we will transform East Ayrshire through the following six Transformational Workstreams.


Transformation Strategy/Workstreams

On 22 February 2018, Council approved a report on the Development of the Transformation Strategy, which reported on the feedback from the Vibrant Voices engagement campaign.

Through our Transformation Strategy, we will become:

● a fairer, kinder and connected East Ayrshire

● a smaller Council, employing less people whilst maintaining high quality key services

● a vibrant and empowered East Ayrshire

● a more commercially focused Council that maximizes our income

● a council that listens, uses its resources wisely, looks to the future and believes in its people

A further report, which endorsed the Council’s Transformation Strategy 2017-2022 was approved by elected members at the Council meeting on 28 June 2018. The Strategy sets out a new direction for the Council, which faces a reduced budget of £32m over the next three years. Details of the Transformational Workstreams and associated actions which will be taken forward are noted below.

Our Workstreams

Fairer, Kinder, Connected East Ayrshire

Workforce Planning - Cultural Change & Service Redesign

A Digitally Connected East Ayrshire

A Vibrant & Empowered East Ayrshire

Property & Estate Rationalisation

Income & Commercialisation


Updates & Events


The following Vibrant Voices updates are available:

Spring 2018 Update

Summer 2018 Update


There are no events planned at present

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