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East Ayrshire Council is facing a period of unprecedented change. We need to reduce our budget by around £55million (20%) over the next four years and to change the way we deliver services with and for our communities.

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We have received over 3,500 responses to the Vibrant Voices Campaign. Your views and ideas have already helped to shape how we will transform East Ayrshire through our Transformational Workstreams. The information that follows provides a summary of your voices and initial actions that we will take forward.

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How do we reduce demand?

How do we tackle poverty?

How can we better serve you in the 21st century?

How can we reduce costs and increase income?

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Transforming East Ayrshire - OUR WORKSTEAMS

1 A Fairer, Kinder and Connected East Ayrshire

  • Align with Local and national priorities on poverty
  • Automatic awards for grants and benefits
  • Learn from Anti-poverty pilots e.g. Universal Basic Income
  • Extend ParentPay in all Schools
  • Extend volunteering, befriending, intergenerational work
  • Adopt the SCVO Digital Charter
  • Develop ‘Community Book’

2 Workforce Planning

  • Move towards more flexible staff roles
  • Core values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Council-wide apprenticeship programme
  • Review management structures
  • Review recruitment processes
  • Reskill, retrain, redeploy
  • Review redundancy and severance policy’

3 A Digitally Connected East Ayrshire

  • Making better use of digital technology
  • A cashless Council – shift to Direct Debit and online transactions
  • A paper-lite Council
  • Digitally inclusive
  • Better access to information and services online

4 A Vibrant and Empowered East Ayrshire

  • Extend Community Led Action Plans and Participatory Budgeting
  • Promote self-help and community volunteering
  • Co-produce services with communities
  • Shift from community grants to investment
  • Extend clean, green and vibrant campaign

5 Property and Estate Rationalisation

  • Extend CAT and community management
  • Review corporate office accommodation
  • Considering further opportunities for co-location
  • Rationalise or dispose of property
  • Consider commercialisation opportunities

6 Income and Commercialisation

  • Explore opportunities for new areas of charging
  • Understand costs and decide on the future viability of services
  • Explore opportunities for income generation
  • Develop innovative solutions for smarter procurement
  • Review fleet transport
  • Developing business case for commercialisation

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