Voting information for Scottish Council Elections

The Scottish Council elections are on Thursday 4 May, so here’s some information on how you vote on the day:

•      Voters should number the candidates in order of preference by placing a 1 next to their first choice, a 2 next to their second choice, a 3 next to the third choice and so on. Voters are advised not to mark the ballot paper in any other way or your vote may not count.

•        The decision on whether to reject or accept a ballot paper which has not been marked in this way rests with the Returning Officer.

•        If you mark the ballot in any way other than that advised in the instructions on the ballot paper, you run the risk of your vote not being counted towards any candidate.

•        Ballot papers are kept securely at all times to ensure there is no opportunity for the papers to be tampered with. Ballot boxes are only opened in the presence of the candidates and their counting agents to ensure that all involved can be confident in the security of the ballot.

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