Trading Standards use sniffer dog to target banned tobacco

East Ayrshire’s Trading Standards Service enlisted the help of Dixie the Tobacco Detection Dog recently to sniff out concealed stocks of non-compliant tobacco products.

The mission was extremely successful with Dixie sniffing out almost 3000 cigarettes and 50 packs of tobacco, which were then seized from two shops in East Ayrshire by the Trading Standards team.

Among the items seized were hundreds of banned ten packs of cigarettes. The ten pack was banned last year as part of a change to the smoking law in an attempt to deter young people from starting smoking.

It is believed that the banned ten packs found by Dixie were being sold to children.

Councillor Jim McMahon, Cabinet Member for Older People and Community Safety said: “This latest intervention by our Trading Standards team highlights the Council’s commitment to protecting children and young people in East Ayrshire from the danger of tobacco. This should serve as a warning to those who are involved in selling tobacco products to remain vigilant.”

If you suspect a retailer is selling tobacco products to anyone under 18, please contact us on 01563 576602 or email

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