Pupils pop up to get that Pi-Day feeling!

Pupils at Grange Academy have been ‘popping up’ to celebrate Pi Day in style this year, thanks to an innovative banner created by teacher and resident maths geek Chris Smith.

Every year, mathematicians across the planet use 14 March (which is written as 3.14) in America, to recognise the most famous Mathematical constant of pi –  3.14159265358979…

Mr Smith leads the PiDay celebrations at the school, with tributes the famous number – which have included musical hits (like the PiMCA) and PiRotechnics – a stunning blowtorch inspired artwork.

This year, over 1,000 individual photos of pupils and students, each holding a digit of the famous Mathematical number were taken, before being expertly arranged to create a mosaic, designed by S6 student Ben Blair.

The photo mosaic was then printed  onto a pop up banner with each pixel (or Pi-xel) representing a member of Grange Academy and a digit of pi…a beautiful snapshot of irrationality!

Mr Smith said: “They say a picture paints a thousand words. So our one thousand pictures must paint a million words!

“Watching the pupils clamouring to get a close-up view of themselves in the finished product was amazing.

“I love the buzz that PiDay generates – and I’m already hatching some geeky plans for PiDay 2018!”.

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