Your Questions Answered

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our electronic services.

How can I change the way I pay my Council Tax? I want to pay by Direct Debit

We have two methods for setting up a Direct Debit which protect your personal information.  We can accept a signed Direct Debit mandate.  If you would like to request a mandate please use the Contact Us form. We will post a form out to you. Alternatively you can arrange a paperless mandate with a phone call. All calls made through this method are recorded for your protection.  Details of how to contact us for a paperless mandate can be found at payment methods .  The Council takes the security of your personal information very seriously. We strictly control data retention and accessibility. For this reason we have not implemented an on-line Direct Debit mandate service.

Why do I have to input my card details and name and address every time I pay? Can the system not remember part of my number so I only need to input the last four digits?

The card payment handling software utilised by the Council can store card details for customers.  However, the Council has not implemented this at the moment for security reasons.  Recent high profile security breaches within large retail organisations have highlighted the potential risks.  The Council takes the protection and security of all personal information extremely seriously.  If demand for this type of storage is sufficient to justify the cost of implementation it may be reconsidered.  The Council is committed to offering as many services as possible in a cost effective and secure environment.

I would like to view and pay my Council Tax online. Can I see my banding by postcode?

If you would like to view your Council Tax account details on-line you will need to create a Customer Account.  Full details on how to obtain a Customer Account and an explanation of the benefits can be found on the Customer Account web page.

If you would like to know the Council Tax banding for a property by postcode you will have to visit the Scottish Assessors Association website.  East Ayrshire Council does not assign bands to properties.  Links are available on our Council Tax pages and through a direct link to the Scottish Assessors Association Ayrshire website.

Please Note: East Ayrshire Council is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

If you would like to know the charges that apply to each band in East Ayrshire please visit the Council Tax Bands web page.

For all Council Tax payment information please visit the Council Tax Payments web page.  This page gives details of all payment options including on-line payments.

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