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You can enrol online for a Customer Account here

What is a Customer Account?

We aim to deal with customer enquiries at the first point of contact and to avoid the need for people to provide the same personal information time and time again. This will lead to services being provided more accurately and effectively. We also want to ensure that your personal information is handled appropriately when dealing with your enquiries.

To achieve this aim, a Customer Account joins up all your Council reference numbers, so that we can provide information to you about all the Council services you use. Staff in local offices can now directly access a variety of information when dealing with your enquiry. The information available in this way is set to grow to encompass many more Council services.

We can access your Customer Account from any of the cards we currently issue, including your library, payment and leisure cards. Or if you prefer you may use other forms of identification such as your driving licence or passport.

How do I benefit from a Customer Account?

It speeds up the whole process of making an enquiry in person, on the telephone or online and makes it more secure. Our office staff will have direct access to the information needed in order to deal with your enquiry, in most cases at your first point of contact. If you have a Customer Account we can answer more enquiries on more services immediately, through our Customer Contact Gateway. We will also offer Customer Account holders some of these Council services over the Internet.

How do I get one?

You can enrol online here

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