Including Children in a Ceremony You may like to involve children in your ceremony in some of the following ways: • Have them bring the rings forward • Have them do a reading/poem/song • Tie the knot for a handfasting ceremony • Giving the child(ren) a ring or gift as a welcome to the new family unit. • Holding the stone in an Oathing Stone ceremony. Unity Candle The lighting of a unity candle is a relatively recent addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. It symbolises the joining of the two families and two individuals becoming one in commitment. The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (called the “unity candle) in the centre. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, a representative from each family (usually the mothers of the couple) light the two taper candles. Later in the ceremony, the couple use the two taper candles to light the large pillar (unity) candle together. What you will need: • Two taper candles • 1 Larger pillar candle (Unity candle) 8 CivilCeremonies