Oathing Stone Ceremony The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the couple place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. Taken from the ancient Celtic custom of “setting an oath in stone”, inclusion of the Oathing stone ceremony in the vows can be deeply moving. During the declarations, the couple hold the Oathing Stone, together in their hands. It is believed that holding the stone during the vows in turn casts or sets them in stone. What you will need: • A stone suitable for use as an oathing stone. • Prepare the stone and have it engraved if desired. Quaich Ceremony The Quaich was a two-handled loving cup used during the wedding feast. From it the couple took their first communion together as a married couple. They also used the Quaich at the reception for their first toast together. Symbolic of the sharing between the couple, it’s an ancient vessel used by two families or clans, to celebrate a bond, with each leader partaking of the offered drink. What you will need: • A Quaich (sometimes the couple have this engraved with their names and date of marriage). • Preferred drink to fill the Quaich. Guest Vows Ask your guests to join in on the vows after you make your vows to each other, the registrar can offer suggestions. EastAyrshire 7