TheCeremony You may also wish to enhance your ceremony by incorporating any of the following suggestions, making it more personal and individual.. Sand Ceremony This ceremony requires the couple to provide two containers of coloured sand – one for each of them. The two containers of sand are then poured into a third larger container at different points in the ceremony, each symbolising a different aspect of the couple, their relationship and their families. The sand then forms a pattern in the container, which is kept by the couple as a keepsake of their day. What you will need: • Two containers of sand, a different colour in each. • One large container capable of holding the sand from the two smaller containers. Handfasting Ceremony Handfasting is an ancient Celtic/Medieval custom, especially common in Ireland and Scotland, in which a couple came together at the start of their married relationship to declare of their own free will that they intended to marry. While facing each other, the couple will join hands while a cloth is tied around their hands in a knot. This is where the term “tie the knot” came from. Couples often choose to use a cloth made of a particular clan tartan or a specific colour of cloth symbolising something important to them. What you will need: • A cloth or ribbon suitable for handfasting. 6 CivilCeremonies