Naming Ceremony A Naming Ceremony is an expression of commitment to your child in the presence of family and friends, the bonding together of those special people who will play an important role in the unfolding life of your child. This unique occasion can be used to celebrate the birth of a child, make an announcement of names, or to welcome a child (or children) into your family. Together with the celebrant, you may like to make Parent’s Promises and acknowledge the special roles taken on by grandparents or brothers and sisters. Your ceremony can also include special readings, music and involve supporting adults or friends to create your own personalised ceremony. As part of the ceremony, a certificate will be given to the parents to keep as a momento of the occasion. These ceremonies are non-religious and can be held at the Registration Office or at any venue agreed between the couple, Senior Registrar and venue owner. 16 CivilCeremonies