On-street parking

Parking incorrectly, such as on double yellow lines, in a bus lane, across cycle lanes or in residents' parking bays, even for a few minutes, can cause inconvenience and even danger to other road users and pedestrians.

Following these simple rules will help you to park in a way that doesn't cause inconvenience or a danger to other members of the public and prevent you receiving a fine.

  • Always check the lines on the road, and where applicable, the signs by the side of the road
  • Do not block entrances to private properties
  • Do not double park or park more than 50 centimetres from a kerb or boundary
  • Do not park partially or fully on footways or pavements
  • Do not park in a way that will make it unsafe for pedestrians at dropped/raised crossing places
  • Do not park on pedestrian crossings or the white zigzag markings near to the crossing or on yellow zigzag School Keep Clear markings
  • Do not park on corners of junctions, or brows of hills

If you are unsure of where to park legally, please refer to the highway code or the on street parking control signs and road markings link in the external links menu for further advice.

Parking enforcement is carried out by Parking Attendants employed by East Ayrshire Parking Service. Strathclyde Police enforce matters of obstruction and some temporary waiting restrictions such as areas marked with “police no waiting” cones at special events.

Any damage to Council maintained infrastructure by parked vehicles should be reported to the East Ayrshire Parking Service.

Contact Information

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