Save someone with Naloxone | | East Ayrshire Alcohol & Drugs PartnershipOpioid overdose can be fatal.

By identifying the signs of a potential overdose, you can help prevent another death from opioids:

  • unconsciousness or lack of response
  • snoring or struggling breaths
  • a blue tinge to lips, nails, and/or extremities
  • pale skin
  • lack of breathing or slow, shallow breathing
  • pinpoint pupils

What you can do to help

If someone is suffering from an opioid overdose you can take steps to help:


  • call 999
  • put the person in the recovery position
  • stay with the person
  • administer a Naloxone kit if you have one


  • walk the person around
  • inflict pain/stimuli
  • inject salt water
  • inject stimulants
  • submerge the person in cold water

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