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Somebody Nobody Owned

Pan Ayrshire Adult Protection Committees Self-Neglect Event: 14 November 2016

Self-neglect was the subject of this year’s Annual Conference held by the three Ayrshire Adult Protection Committees.

Hosted by East Ayrshire in the Boswell Centre, Auchinleck, the conference focused on the fact that self-neglect is a type of harm that is recognised within adult support and protection law, but is often misunderstood and therefore under reported.

Self-neglect can happen to an adult of any age when someone is unable, for a number of reasons, to take care of their physical and mental health or needs. This can lead to people not eating properly which affects their health, or not taking care of their personal hygiene which often leads to them becoming lonely and or isolated. Their home may fall into disrepair and for some, hoarding may become a way for people to cope with a range of emotions they are experiencing.

Over 100 delegates from across the three council areas covering the Adult Protection Committees and partner agencies came together to hear from keynote speaker Professor Suzy Braye. Her presentation was about drawing on research to help partners understand and respond to self-neglect and was titled “At worst it’s nobody’s business; at best it’s somebody else’s”. The message was loud and clear that the key to making a positive difference is to work in ways that allows time to build relationships with people in order to increase the chance of them trusting you and accepting support.

Following the conference, the Pan Ayrshire Chairs and Leads for Adult Protection met to discuss the feedback and suggestions from delegates.

Each of the speakers presentations can be opened from the Programme.

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