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Bogus callers

Most people who call are genuine, but sometimes someone may turn up unannounced, intending to trick their way into your home and commit robbery.

These people are ‘distraction burglars’, also known as ‘bogus callers’ and their aim is to distract, so that they can steal money and valuables.

Bogus callers may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, the police,  a utility company or health organisation.

They may ask for a drink of water, to wash their hands or use the telephone in an emergency. They may sometimes claim to have lost a pet or a ball in the back garden.

They may be men, women or children but all have one thing in common; to steal money and valuables. They can be very convincing, persuasive and plausible.

Rogue traders

Rogue traders come in various guises. Some will call trying to convince homeowners that repair and maintenance work needs doing. This may be a lie.

If they are engaged to carry out work, the work may be sub standard and at inflated prices. Sometimes they will do no work at all.

They may offer to take the customer to their bank/building society to draw out large sums of cash.

If you think you or someone you know is at Risk of Financial Harm from Rogue Traders or Bogus Callers, call Police Scotland on 101 or Trading Standards on 01563 576602.

For further information please download our leaflet on Bogus Callers.  

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland have produced a safety booklet Safer Communities Safer Scotland. Check out this safety guide and share the tips with friends and family.

Council Tax Scam Alert

We’ve had a number of reports of scammers cold calling and emailing residents – claiming to offer a Council Tax refund.

The companies are asking residents to give their bank account details, credit/debit card number and the three number security code on the back of the card.

This is a scam which originated in Oldham, England.

  • If you receive an email offering a Council Tax refund and asking you to provide you bank account details by clicking on a link, ignore it and delete the email.
  • If you are cold called and asked to provide your bank details to receive a Council Tax refund hang up and ignore the request.

If you receive anything similar by post, email, or by telephone and you’re not sure what to do, contact the East Ayrshire Council Tax office on 01563 554400 for guidance

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