Assessment Order/Case Conference

Assessment order

An Assessment Order allows a council officer to conduct an interview and/or a health professional to conduct a medical examination in private. This may be required to establish whether the person is an adult at risk and if further action is required to protect him or her. The adult can be taken to another place for this purpose.

The council must plan:

  • to minimise distress and risk to the adult
  • to keep the adult fully informed of rights, options and events
  • where the adult is going to be moved to
  • how the move is to be carried out
  • transport arrangements if applicable

If the affected adult has capacity and refuses consent to an order, the council must prove that the adult has been unduly pressurised to refuse to consent to the granting of an order.

The sheriff may ignore refusal of consent if they reasonably believe:

  • that the affected adult at risk has been unduly pressurised to refuse consent
  • that there are no steps which could reasonably be taken with the adult's consent which would protect the adult from the harm which the order or action is intended to prevent

Case Conference

A multi-agency meeting, called a case conference, will be held to share information and make decisions about a vulnerable adult in some situations where abuse and neglect has occurred or is suspected.

The case conference will:

  • provide a solution to the abusive situation
  • exchange information
  • determine the degree of risk
  • form a plan to protect the vulnerable adult
  • make arrangements for putting the plan into action
  • review the plan to see if it is working
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of the various professionals involved
  • nominate an appropriate key worker

Review Case Conference

The case will then be reviewed to:
  • discuss the work undertaken since the last case conference establish the current situation and ensure the views of the adult are heard and represented
  • establish the current level of risk
  • review and if necessary update the protection plan and any associated services
  • ensure that agreed work has taken place and if not establish why
  • ensure where possible the views of the vulnerable adult are heard and represented

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