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Adult Protection Information for Practitioners

Whatever your professional role, you play an important part in protecting adults at risk of harm in East Ayrshire. As a practitioner, you have the following responsibilities: 

  • to be aware of your organisation’s adult protection policies and procedures
  • to be alert to indicators of concern in adults you come into contact with
  • to respond to concerns you have about an adult by acting in accordance with your organisation’s procedures

The following will support you in fulfilling these responsibilities:

Practitioners handbook guidance

Supporting and Protecting People in East Ayrshire Interagency Practitioner Guidance (PDF 1.56 MB) and the West of Scotland Guidance (PDF 1.3 MB) are our two main guidance documents and are supplemented by the Practitioners Handbook (PDF 117 KB).

Referral forms

The pro-formas associated with the Supporting and Protecting People in East Ayrshire Interagency Practitioner Guidance are:

Decision making process   

To assist staff in the decision making process, we have established a Legal Solutions Forum (LSF) (PDF 105 KB), and an online Referral Form (PDF 19 KB) for the LSF. Information about Court Processes can be found on the Scottish Courts website.

Significant case reviews  

For Significant case Reviews there is a Pan Ayrshire Guidance Document (PDF 327 KB).                    

Scottish government's code of practice

The Scottish Government have revised the Code of Practice (PDF 620 KB) for Authorities and Practitioners exercising functions under Part 1 of the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Forced marriage

Pan Ayrshire information on Supporting People at Risk of Forced Marriage (PDF 9.24 MB)

Human trafficking

Useful guidance and assistance for practitioners dealing with people trafficking can be found in the East Ayrshire Violence Against Women Partnership web pages.

Briefing notes and publications

We have also developed Practitioners Briefing Notes. You can find more reading material on the Adult Protection Publications page.


People who work with adults throughout East Ayrshire can access a variety of adult support and protection training opportunities. 

Contact us for further information on training opportunities.

To assist both Council Officers and Managers in both identifying their own and their staff group’s learning and development needs the Council Officers Learning and Development Framework has been developed by the West of Scotland Adult Protection Training and Development Forum:

SSSC codes of practice

The Code of Practice for Social Service Workers sets out clear standards of professional conduct and practice that social service workers must meet in their everyday work.

Contact Information

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Telephone: 01563 576728