About Sarah, Abbie and Lucy

Please note the names of the children have been changed to protect their identities.


Sarah (5), Abbie (4) and Lucy (3) are healthy, energetic, fun loving sisters who are looking for a forever family.

They have no other siblings. They love spending time together and playing together, and have a very close bond.  

While Sarah is very outgoing, Abbie is more reserved and Lucy is an independent child who loves to learn to do things for herself. 

Sarah is in P1 at primary school and making progress. Likewise, her sisters enjoy going to the attached nursery where they are doing well. They all have positive relationships with other children, their teachers, their foster carers and their foster carers' extended family.

The sisters are all very active and enjoy trips to the park, going to soft play centres and swimming. They also enjoy music, dancing and dressing up. At this time they have no contact with their birth family. The sisters would love an adoptive family who can love and nurture them and care for them throughout their lives.

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