About David and Gabriella


Please note the names of the children have been changed to protect their identities.  

David and Gabriella


David and Gabriella are a brother and sister who just want to grow up together in the same house.

David is almost six years old and is working hard in his first year of primary school. Although his behaviour at school can be variable, he responds really well to praise.

David can struggle to adapt to change and this can result in him appearing low in confidence at times, but when he’s in the house where he feels safe and relaxed he is a quiet and happy boy.

David has a tendency to worry about situations but doesn’t always talk about it. Although he can be shy when facing new situations, he does come out of his shell after a period of time.

He plays well on his own or in a group and loves being outside playing football and walking the dog.


David’s little sister Gabriella is nearly five and goes to nursery where she is doing really well. She’s a popular girl in and out of school.

A happy little girl, Gabriella is keen to please and to help out. She likes routines and although, like her brother, she can be shy at first, she becomes more relaxed over time.

Like most children, she doesn’t like being told off and can be bossy with other children - especially her big brother!





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