About Cara, Beth and Suzy

Please note the names of the children have been changed to protect their identities.

Cara (7), Beth (4) and Suzy (9), are kind, caring and fun loving sisters who are looking for their forever family.

The girls love spending time together. They all enjoy gymnastics and often try to copy each other by doing hand stands, forward rolls and flips on their trampoline.

The girls are very active and enjoy swimming and Zumba classes together. They also like going to the local park, having picnics or going on holiday.

Suzy is a kind, caring and considerate young girl who likes to have fun. She is very creative and enjoys drawing and colouring. She is also very active and has taught herself gymnastics moves and attends a club.

Suzy is very sociable and likes playing with other children or her sisters. She also likes to take time by herself to read stories, play or do extra homework. She’s a very smart girl who enjoys school and her teacher says she is a pleasure to teach, as well as proudly reporting that she is top of her class.

Suzy is very outgoing and embraces new experiences. She particularly liked going abroad for the first time, learning to swim and loves going on caravan holidays.

Suzy is described by her carer as a “lovely, happy child who is a delight to care for”.

Cara is a fun, outgoing child with a mischievous sense of humour and lots of energy.

She enjoys playing with her lego, drawing, playing games on her iPad and watching movies. Cara has a great imagination and likes her fancy dress. She has lots of interests including dance classes and enjoys copying her big sister Suzy’s gymnastics moves.

Cara has expressed an interest in attending singing classes and likes going to different youth groups. She is very popular with her friends and her confidence has grown greatly while at school.

Cara is in a good routine and is described as an “amazing child” by her carer.

Beth is a happy young girl who is always smiling.

She loves spending time with her sisters and likes learning from them while still having her own character and special interests.

Beth is fun, full of giggles and playfulness. She likes watching Peppa Pig and playing with her building bricks. She is very active and loves playing outside on her bike, swing and trampoline. She will often copy her sisters doing forward rolls on the trampoline and they all have great fun together.

Beth can play happily by herself or with her friends or sisters. She is very sociable and likes saying hello to people when going for a walk. She appears to thrive when given new opportunities and is very inquisitive.

She’s affectionate too and likes getting lots of cuddles. She is in a good routine and enjoys her food, her favourite being sausages!

Beth is described by her carer as “just brilliant, a pleasure to look after”.

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