The East Ayrshire Children and Young People's Services Plan 2020-23 supports the East Ayrshire Community Plan 2015-30 and our long term aspirations for children, young people and families are designed to achieve our vision which is:

In East Ayrshire, our children and young people grow up loved, safe and respected so that they realise their full potential.

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In making this plan we have listened to and heard our children and young people, their families, carers and people who are involved in their lives. We recognise children and young people as experts and our strongest assets; we will continue to work together for better outcomes. Over the lifetime of this plan, our focus will be on:

  • recovery and renewal from the impact of COVID-19
  • tackling poverty
  • respecting and promoting children and young people’s rights
  • improving wellbeing
  • helping children and young people achieve
  • keeping children and young people safe 

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Making the plan

East Ayrshire’s Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2020-23 was developed by extensive engagement and collaboration with children, young people and families to understand the experience of their lives and the things that matter most to them. Activities included engagement with the Children and Young People’s Cabinet to collaboratively design the engagement programme, interactive game-based exercises at Play Day and workshops with local groups and forums. 

When we spoke to children, young people, families, carers and partners, they told us they wanted:

  • a short, visually appealing, aspirational, strategic-level Plan
  • a Plan that is accessible to children and young people via its use of language and  available in a range of formats, such as digital
  • a Plan that describes the strengths and talents of local children, young people and families and the role of Community Planning Partners to harness and facilitate these, through respectful relationships, and
  • a small number of priority areas that will achieve high impact changes for children, young people and families.

The Children and Young People’s Service Plan is informed and supported by the following:


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