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Ballochmyle cup and ring marks

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May 2022

Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) began communication with Archaeology Scotland to create a programme of projects involving community activities and learning opportunities.

Within the proposals currently being reviewed we are aiming to hold an archaeological investigation into the history of the Ballochmyle cup and ring markings. The project will also aim to improve access to the site and widen awareness of this historic monument.

We are planning community engagement events with storytelling, model making and archaeological digs with a focus around the medieval core of Mauchline.

We are currently at the early stages of planning these projects, in brief we aim to collaborate with Archaeology Scotland on the following:

  • An archaeological dig
  • A school heritage awareness course  
  • 3D digital model of Abbott Hunter's Tower
  • Adopt a monument at Ballochmyle Rock Art

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