Kilmarnock town centre regeneration

Kilmarnock is East Ayrshire's key commercial and industrial centre and as such is central to the economic well being of the area. The town is also the cultural and entertainment focus and forms the prime retail centre for East Ayrshire residents. Kilmarnock town centre benefits from a range of attractions such as an attractive historic core, a high quality pedestrianised town centre, a reputation as a ‘hometown' in relation to retail provision and a number of well maintained public parks adjacent to the town centre.


Due to the importance of Kilmarnock town centre to both the town itself and the wider East Ayrshire area, it was considered essential that an effective and practical town centre strategy was produced. The town centre strategy provides a framework for taking forward the regeneration of the town and identifies potential redevelopment sites and priority actions for the council. 


'Kilmarnock: Building our Future' is the regeneration strategy for Kilmarnock. It addresses the challenges facing the town and outlines the key regeneration opportunities under the headings of shopping in the town, living in the town, working in the town and enjoying the town. 

Significant progress has now been made in taking forward the aims and priorities of the town centre strategy. In order to increase awareness of the progress that is being made, we will post regular update bulletins on this web page. 


Kilmarnock Town Centre Regeneration has progressed through the implementation of building repair grant schemes and public realm works, along with complementary training and outreach activities, and details of these can be found through the further information section.


If you require more information on town centre regeneration within East Ayrshire, please contact us using the number below.

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