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White tile building, King Street, Kilmarnock

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Celebrate Kilmarnock, in conjunction with 4-Consulting are running a consultation on the plans for the White Tile Building.

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The White Tile Building

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how we use our towns and cities to live, work, learn and play.

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of our sense of control, our dependency on weak systems and that who owns our town centres matters. It has heightened the major challenges that our towns and communities face, and whilst it may have exacerbated them, it did not create them. Austerity and evidence that the status quo is not an option hastens the need to develop new and better ways to re-energise town centres.

Celebrate Kilmarnock and our Town Centre Regeneration Team are working to draw up a  proposal for the White Tile Building. This proposal takes into account  the changes that are happening, and hopes to accelerate Kilmarnock’s move towards a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery.  It also offers an exciting new opportunity to re-invigorate the high street and create a destination venue at the very heart of Kilmarnock town centre.

Our approach

Celebrate Kilmarnock’s approach has always been based on people, on building relationships, on inclusion, and on a fundamental belief in people power as the most effective drivers for change. We strive to build trust, to create a shared understanding of what needs to be done and  to deliver a common agenda. Kilmarnock’s challenges are not for others to fix, community ownership and community led regeneration must be achieved through actions not words.

This renovation project is not simply about restoring a building. It is about community ownership and it is about saving our town. Collaboration with our citizens and businesses remains our greatest reservoir of untapped innovation and this means encouraging everyone to have their say. 

For Kilmarnock to flourish, we must invest and support the development of the economy through locally owned and socially minded enterprises whilst challenging the current economic structures that extract wealth from our communities.

Ground floor – world café, showcase and exhibition space

Regeneration must have people at its heart. Therefore, the ground floor of the White Tile Building is all about building connections, enhancing relationships and strengthening social cohesion.

The ground floor will be welcoming, adaptable and resource efficient, and whilst it must look right, it must also feel right. It has to be flexible and requires a powerful presence on King Street if we are to change perceptions of the high street from an under-performing space to a vital place. This is about bringing people into town, not competing for those already here.

At street level, the White Tile Building must support an ongoing, interactive and creative process of engagement. It must showcase and celebrate the talents and uniqueness of our town.  At street level, we must engage in constant dialogue and activity to establish a real sense of community.

Ground floor activities 

The ground floor will be stunning, comfortable and most essentially a functional space that is supported by a programme of activity. Kilmarnock will only succeed when its town centre becomes a favourite spot for people to meet with friends, bring their families, and feel comfortable interacting with strangers.

At street level, this is where we engage, rebuild and strengthen the link between people and place. This is where we will strengthen the link between those that create wealth and those that benefit. This is where we offer up an alternate vision for our town centre and how it can be managed.

First floor – anchor, more established businesses

If the White Tile Building is to be a practical example on how to refurbish, reuse and re-energise, the activities and businesses it supports must also reflect the values of a more humane and sustainable economic approach.

To realise our ambitions, Celebrate Kilmarnock are working with Utopia Computers, a team of multi award-winning engineers, thinkers, modders and tech fanatics. They also happen to build the fastest, most customisable computers in the world.  Utopia’s expertise and commitment will ensure that we deliver a truly inspirational regeneration initiative and that those that create the wealth will also benefit from it.

Activity on the first floor is about repositioning Kilmarnock towards a wellbeing economy, about generating and promoting opportunities to adopt a more inclusive way of doing business. This is where we will engage with more established businesses that put people first, support people to find and pursue their passion and empower people to own their work and realise potential.


We aim to develop a circular economy based on sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling. To challenge a throw away economy and reduce waste to a minimum. The first floor work and learning environment will be efficient, responsive and liberating, designed with user experience and a sense of community at its core.

Celebrate Kilmarnock has no desire to compete with others but its intention is to contribute towards developing a new economic model of regeneration while the old one is still with us. It is not enough to generate profit, if it is lost to the people and communities that create.

Successfully delivering the White Tile Building is a process of self-mobilisation and organising for change. It builds on what we already have; the power of local associations and the supportive functions of local institutions and businesses to create a more sustainable and inclusive future for our town centre.

People standing on the roof of the white tile building on King Street, KilmarnockTop floor/roof top terrace – small business, creative space to ignite innovation

The top floor and roof top terrace will provide the space for activity and conversations to co-create Kilmarnock’s future.  We will use this space to proactively support and develop: social enterprises, community interest companies and businesses that operate for the common good.

The roof top terrace will be a social space designed to realise the benefits of informal interactions and networking, to encourage the new thinking that will drive new ideas and new businesses that operate for the common good.

The success of the White Tile Building will be closely connected to the experience of the people who interact with it: staff, users, businesses and those in our communities.  For Celebrate Kilmarnock this starts with our values.  

The top floor is about learning and sharing experiences, about working together and exploring new ways of doing things.  About empowering local communities and businesses to work together and develop practical solutions that make best use of all available resources.

The White Tile Building is part of a conscious and deliberate move to hasten Kilmarnock’s transition to a wellbeing economy.  It offers community ownership, to persuade, educate and mobilise the public that alternative pathways are available when we choose to invest in them. 

The Creative Industries Campus is a collaborative and participative intervention, designed with user experience and a sense of community at its core.

It is also an important step towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for Kilmarnock town centre.

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