Local development plan

Planning guidance is now split into supplementary guidance which is statutory and forms part of the Local Development Plan and non-statutory planning guidance.

The Local Development Plan is supplemented by a suite of supplementary guidance and non-statutory planning guidance including the Placemaking Maps and Action Programmes.

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Current consultations

Consultations and closing dates
ConsultationClosing date

North West Kilmarnock Placemaking (PDF 3.18Mb) - Formal Consultation


Supplementary guidance (statutory)

Supplementary guidance (statutory) and dates of adoption
TitleDate of adoption

Financial Guarantees (LDP and minerals LDP (PDF 1Mb)

September 2021
East Ayrshire Housing Market Areas (PDF 1.72Mb) April 2018
Listed Buildings and Buildings within Conservation Areas Design Guidance(PDF 2.55Mb) April 2018
Housing in the Countryside Design Guidance (PDF 2.80Mb) April 2018
Householder Development Design Guidance (PDF 2.90Mb) April 2018
Design Guidance for Masterplanning (PDF 3.46Mb) January 2018
Planning for Wind Energy (PDF 4.21Mb) December 2017
Heat Generation (PDF 3.09Mb) December 2017
Green Infrastructure (PDF 2.51Mb) December 2017
Developer Contributions (PDF 1.46Mb) July 2017
Dark Sky Park Lighting (PDF 1.92Mb) July 2017
Shop Front Design Guidance (PDF 3.94Mb) July 2017
Display of Advertisements Design Guidance (PDF 2.32Mb) July 2017
Affordable Housing (PDF 1.88Mb) April 2017
Financial Guarantees (PDF 1.18MB April 2017


Placemaking is a process which allows local communities to shape the future of their built and natural environment. Part of the Placemaking process involves community engagement, workshops and public consultations to co-produce placemaking maps and actions

The following maps and action programmes identify, in spatial terms, the priorities of people engaged in the development of Community Led Action Plans for each community. Following further work to identify the exact location and nature of the improvements, the attached maps and actions have been agreed with the local steering group as representing community priorities prior to formal consultation. The Placemaking Maps and Action Programme have been adopted as  statutory Supplementary Guidance and can be viewed from the list below. Read more about Placemaking here

TitleDate of adoption
Ochiltree Placemaking Map and Action Programme (PDF 7.53Mb) April 2019
Catrine Placemaking Map and Action Programme (PDF 4.98Mb) April 2019
Newmilns and Greenholm Placemaking Map and Action Programme (PDF 10.47Mb) July 2018
New Cumnock Placemaking (PDF 6.86Mb) August 2020
Dalrymple, Skeldon and Hollybush Placemaking (PDF 6.81Mb)  August 2020

Planning guidance (non-statutory)

Planning guidance (non-statutory) and dates of adoption
TitleDate of adoption

 Peat,excess soils and sewage sludge (minerals LDP) (PDF 1.67Mb)


 Community benefits (minerals LDP) (PDF - 667Kb)


 Piersland Park, Kilmarnock Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 3Mb)


Piersland Park, Kilmarnock Design Guidance (PDF 2Mb)

Mauchline Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 5.08Mb) 2019
Waterside Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 3.12Mb)  2018
East Ayrshire Landscape Wind Capacity Study (PDF 13.91Mb)  2018
Community Benefits from Wind Energy Development (PDF 337Kb)  2017
Dalmellington Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 32.76Mb)  2017
Green Infrastructure Strategy (PDF 2.51Mb)  2015
Ayrshire and Arran Forestry and Woodland Strategy (PDF 23.17Mb)  2014
Galston Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF4.67Mb)  2014
Knockroon Design code (PDF 2.59Mb) 2010
Cumnock Shop Front Design Guidance (PDF 2.21Mb) 2010
Cumnock Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 3.61Mb) 2009
Bank Street and John Finnie Street Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2007

Catrine Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 2.71Mb)


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