Local Plan 2010

The East Ayrshire Local Plan 2010 was adopted by the Council on 26 October 2010. The Plan provides a strong base for future development throughout East Ayrshire to the year 2017.

The East Ayrshire Local Plan 2010 has been prepared in three sections:

  • Introduction & Strategic Approach (Part 1) - an introduction to the Local Plan Alteration and sets out the overall strategy on a topic by topic basis. (LP2010 Volume 1)
  • Strategic and General Development Management Policies (Part 2) - strategic and general policies used by the Council to promote new development throughout East Ayrshire (LP2010 Volume 2) 
  • Settlement & Rural Area Development Opportunities (Part 3) -
    Part 3 incorporates a series of Local Plan maps and details various development opportunity sites

A local plan examination into all unresolved issues was held by Scottish Government Reporters between December 2009 and June 2010. The Reporter’s final report detailing all findings and recommendations is available from the link on this page.

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