East Ayrshire Local Development Plan

Adoption of the local development plan

The East Ayrshire Local Development Plan was adopted in April 2017.

The adopted Plan comprises the following:

LDP Online MappingThe Local Development Plan is also available on our Online Mapping with interactive links to the relevant policies and information.

An Action Programme supports the delivery of the EALDP and sets out the actions and partnerships that are necessary to implement the strategy and proposals of the plan. The Action Programme was reviewed and updated in 2019. 

The Environmental Report provides an assessment of the environmental impacts and mitigation measures for these where appropriate. The post-Adoption Statement has been prepared to demonstrate how the findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment process have been incorporated into the LDP.

An Equalities Impact Assessment of the proposed plan has also been carried out and a summary of this is available. The post-Adoption Statement has been prepared to demonstrate how the findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment process have been incorporated into the LDP.

Supplementary guidance associated with the plan is also available.

EALDP policy index

A full list of all LDP policies and links in one handy location.

Background to the EALDP 2017

Prior to adoption, and an examination into all unresolved issues in relation to the Proposed Local Development Plan was held by Scottish Government Reporters between November 2015 and November 2016. The Reporter’s final report detailing all findings and recommendations are available in the Examination Report.

Further details on the examination of the Plan can be accessed on the Scottish Government’s website: SG Planning and Environment Appeals Division and enter reference LDP-190-2 in the Search by Case Reference field.

The modifications made as a result of the Examination can be accessed here:

The Proposed Plan as modified was considered by Council on the 23 February 2017 and adopted on the 3 April 2017. View information on the Council meetings.

Further background papers that may be of interest comprise:

Development plan scheme

The East Ayrshire Local Development Plan Scheme 2019 sets out the Council’s programme for preparing and reviewing the Local Development Plan and outlines what is likely to be involved at each stage of the plan preparation process. You can view the Development Plan Scheme here: Development Plan Scheme.

East Ayrshire local development plan 2

Work on the second East Ayrshire Local Development Plan is underway.  We are currently undertaking preparatory work including surveys and land audits.  The main issues report is due for publication in March 2020. The length of this process and future stages will be outlined in the next iteration of the development plan scheme which is currently being prepared.

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