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Heritage Lottery Fund have announced that East Ayrshire’s Coalfield Communities landscape partnership bid has been successful and that we are in line* for £2.56m of National Lottery funding. The Coalfield Communities Landscape Partnership aims to reconnect communities with the landscape by creating opportunities for leisure, tourism, skills and training.

(*HLF operates a two-stage process with initial support being given at round one, allowing a project to progress with and develop its plans. At this stage, development funding is usually awarded.  The applicant then submits a further, fully-developed application at round two, when a final decision is made by HLF on the full funding award.)

Lucy Casot, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund in Scotland, said:

“The Landscape Partnership provides a unique framework with which to tackle large-scale environmental degradation and we have seen it work very successfully in other areas of Scotland. I am delighted that, thanks to players of the National Lottery, the communities of East Ayrshire will be able to benefit from this approach. East Ayrshire is often perceived as lacking in interest because of its industrial character when in fact its natural resources and meandering rivers make it rich in both built and natural heritage. The Coalfield Communities Landscape Partnership will help people reconnect with their natural heritage, strengthening their sense of pride and inspiring stewardship of the land around them.”

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of East Ayrshire Council said

“The first round pass is fantastic news for East Ayrshire and will allow us to work up the detail of our ambitious scheme, devised in partnership with our communities. This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our wonderful partners – East Ayrshire Leisure Trust, Central Scotland Green Network, Forest Enterprise Scotland, Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere and Scottish Natural Heritage.

“We look forward to continuing this partnership work, sharing the benefits of a renewed landscape and celebrating our unique heritage. Thanks to National Lottery players, we will be able to realise our ambitions, carrying out work in our coalfield communities which would not otherwise have proved possible.”

The submitted bid is available below along with relevant maps which were submitted as part of the application:

The Bid Development Team would like to thank the members of the Partnership, organisations and especially local interest groups, community groups and individuals who attended the events and for their support and input in developing the bid. We will hear if we have been successful in October 2017.

The bid development team can still be contacted at:

Partnership meetings

To help develop the bid, we held various partnership meetings in Kilmarnock and Auchinleck. The Minutes of these meetings can be found below:

Stakeholder and Community event

During the development of the bid, we have held a stakeholder and a community event to seek input and project ideas from people who live in, work in and/or visit the Cumnock and Doon Valley area.

January 2017- A stakeholder engagement event was held on 30 January 2017 at the Boswell Centre in Auchinleck. The event consisted of two workshops (afternoon and evening) and was attended by residents of local communities across East Ayrshire and representatives of local interest groups, businesses, other organisations and statutory bodies. The aim of the workshops was to identify opportunities to deliver projects that will benefit the heritage, people and communities of East Ayrshire.

52 participants attended the afternoon workshop and 12 participants attended the evening workshop. The workshops were organised by East Ayrshire Council and Landscape Partnership partners, and were led by an independent facilitator, Nick Wright, who also prepared a summary report. Download the Stakeholder Engagement Report.

April 2017- The Community Event was held on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at the Boswell Centre, Auchinleck and was attended by 20 members of the community. The night began with a series of presentations from the bid development team. A series of posters were displayed throughout the room and community members were encourage to circulate the room and learn about the projects which were on offer. Representatives of each project were present on the night to answer any questions from community members. The posters are available below:

Community members were given an envelope with 3 yellow counters inside and were encouraged to vote for their top 3 projects by depositing a counter in one of the project voting boxes. The vote was to gauge which projects the community members preferred and all projects would still be considered for inclusion in the final bid. The votes were counted and the results were announced as:

1st: North Kyle Forest Masterplan

2nd: Cycle Tourism

3rd: History of the Lost Mining Villages of Cumnock and Doon Valley

There was also opportunity for community members to express an interest in sitting on a “Community Steering Group” for the Landscape Partnership. The bid development team received many expressions of interest for this and will be on contact with those individuals in due course.

Comments recorded from the Community Event

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