Waste has no place on our streets

The community of New Farm Loch has had enough of waste being dumped on their streets by thoughtless residents.

In response to their concerns, a joint initiative between the Corporate Enforcement Unit, Waste Management Services, Housing Services, Outdoor Services, Atrium Homes and Choice Factors is tackling the abandoned waste.

A joint walk round took place recently to assess the extent of the problem and it was agreed that enforcement action will go ahead as planned in December.

Councillor Jim McMahon, Cabinet Member for Older People and Community Safety attended the community walk round to view the problem first hand. He said: “Our communities have the right to live in clean, green and vibrant communities but in New Farm there has been an ongoing problem with excessive waste being dumped on the streets.

“On the walk round we spoke to members of the community who were very distressed by the thoughtless actions of other residents who chose to dump their waste on the streets. It is clear that action has to be taken and an action plan has now been developed between all the partners.

“After the walk round a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice was issued by the Corporate Enforcement Unit to a resident who had dumped a bed base on the street. Despite warnings from Atrium homes the resident refused to dispose of the bed or arrange an uplift. There was therefore no option but to issue the Fixed Penalty Notice.

“We don’t want to be issuing fines, especially in the run up to Christmas. We want people to dispose of their waste properly and not to abandon it on our streets. Until that happens we will continue to carry out enforcement action and we will continue to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.”

Waste Management Services will be writing to all 701 properties in New Farm about their kerbside waste collection service and advising how to dispose of waste correctly.

Enforcement Action will take place in December targeting residents who dump waste on the streets.

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