Suicide – don’t hide it, talk about it

Suicide Prevention Week (Monday 4 September to Sunday 10 September) will encourage people to ‘read between the lines’ and help prevent suicide.

The Vibrant Communities Lifestyle Development, Adults and Older People team will be promoting this message, encouraging people to act on the signs they may see in others.

In Scotland, two people are lost every day to suicide and it is one of the main causes of death among young people.

People attempt suicide for a wide range of reasons. Major life changes or bereavement can trigger suicidal feelings or long term factors like abuse or serious illness can make people feel suicidal.

Those at risk of suicide may not always say or show how they feel. The best way to identify the possibility of suicide is to ask the person directly. Family, friends and workmates of people at risk could be in a good position to recognise the signs of distress in someone and be able to help.

Suicide Prevention Week will highlight the importance of talking and taking that important first step towards getting help.

Councillor Elena Whitham, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said: “Openly discussing someone’s thoughts of suicide and allowing them to talk about how they feel can be a source of relief for them and can be key to preventing the immediate danger of suicide.

“It is important that if you are faced with this situation you also receive support and organisations like Breathing Space and Samaritans are there to help. Having lost a family member and a close friend to suicide, I am acutely aware of the devastation and loss it brings.

“The CHIP team delivers safeTALK which is a training course that prepares anyone over the age of 15 to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. Most people with thoughts of suicide invite help to stay safe. Alert helpers know how to use these opportunities to support that desire for safety.”

The CHIP team also offers a whole range of exercise options from classes to walking groups. There is clear link between physical activity and good mental health. These psychological benefits are a great reason to take part in regular physical activity. Exercise promotes better sleep which in turn can help improve overall health.

During September the CHIP team will be offering free health checks and can provide health advice. To find out more please contact 01563 576398.

For more information on safeTALK training please contact Faye Forsyth on 01563 576398.
To speak to someone about your own feelings or if you are worried about someone close to you please contact Breathing Space or the Samaritans.

Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
Samaritans  Freephone 116 123 (Lines open 24hours)