Sky’s not the limit with a second language

You don’t need a head for heights to enjoy a high-flying career – just a second language.

That was the tongue-in-cheek message from RAF Intelligence Officers who have recently been visiting local secondary schools, promoting the need for linguists in the service – and highlighting career opportunities for pupils fluent in a language other than English.

The crew undertook information visits to James Hamilton, St. Joseph’s, Kilmarnock and Cumnock Academies, promoting the role of Intelligence Analysts (linguists) in the service during war and peace time.

Analysts collect, collate and evaluate intelligence from multiple sources, as well as gathering valuable information about enemies’ strengths, weaknesses and movements

They then share that intelligence with commanders, aircrew or troops on the ground to help inform strategies and direct operations.

Councillor Fiona Campbell, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “The RAF visit was eye-opening for many pupils, who thought the service was simply about airplanes and mechanics.

“They were introduced to a new world of electronic surveillance, data gathering and information sharing that, not to long ago, was strictly in the realms of James Bond.

“The visits were highly informative and a number of the pupils have already indicated an interest in developing their language learning, which will always be of use, no matter where in the world your career might take you.”


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