Six hundred affordable new homes planned for East Ayrshire

“People make homes, homes make neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods make communities.”

That’s how East Ayrshire Council Leader Councillor Douglas Reid announced exciting news this week that 604 new houses are to be built in the area over the next five years.

The stunning figure is equivalent to two new homes being built every week, made possible thanks to £34 million of Scottish Government funding

The 604 homes will boost the Council’s existing stock of newly built homes to over 1,500.and form part of a wider £131m programme to build and improve housing, with modernising and refurbishing works also set to include:

• central heating installation
• roof replacement
• door and window replacement
• modern kitchens and bathrooms installed
• insulation, cladding and other energy efficiency measures

Councillor Reid said: “I’m absolutely delighted this ambitious and far-reaching programme will go ahead and transform the lives of so many residents in our local communities.

“I have always said that people make homes, homes make neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods make communities.

“That philosophy sits at the heart of our housing strategy and we’re linking this to Community Led Action Plans, giving local people a say in how best we can meet their needs helping to build strong, resilient, safe and vibrant communities.”

For 17 communities, Community Led Action Plans have been very successful in delivering significant improvements and addressing local needs directly.

The Council is also planning to extend its housing building programme into 2023, with to deliver even more affordable homes across local communities.

Councillor Reid continued: Two years ago and against a very difficult financial backdrop, I committed the Council to an ambitious £500 million programme of investment into our people and communities, with schools and housing at the heart of our work.

“I’m already hearing from families whose lives have been completely transformed by their new homes, telling me about how settled they have become in East Ayrshire.

“That’s exactly what I had hoped to hear and I’m confident the new house building programme will go a long way to helping us achieve that outcome for families today and their generations yet to come.”

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