Scottish International Airshow – Temporary Road Closures

The Scottish international Airshow 2017 will take place on Saturday 3nd and Sunday 3rd September 2017

Click here for the Airshow information including temporary road closure information.

Temporary Road Closures

Plan 1 Road closure

From 00:01hrs on Fri 1/9/17 until 23:59 hrs on Sun 3/9/17

Blackburn Dr (from Blackburn Rd to The Esplanade) and The Esplanade (from Blackburn Dr to Pavilion Rd), Ayr.

From 00:01hrs on Fri 1/9/17 until 23:59 hrs on Sun 3/9/17

Bath Pl (from Wellington Sq. to The Esplanade), Blackburn Dr (from Blackburn Rd to Seafield Rd); Blackburn Rd (from Blackburn Dr to Westfield Rd), Pavilion Rd (from Wellington Sq. to The Esplanade); the Esplanade (from Pavilion Rd to Charlotte St), Wellington Sq. (on its North and South Legs), Ayr.

Vehicular access for residents/owners/occupiers within the closure will be permitted to and from their properties. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the closure period. Diversion routes will be signed accordingly.

Waiting Restrictions

Plan 2 Parking

Plan 3 Parking Prestwick

From 00:01hrs on Fri 1/9/17 until 23:59 hrs on Sun 3/9/17

On either side and along the entire length of Alloway Park, Belleisle Dr, Blackburn Dr, Doonholm Road ( A77 to Murdoch’s Lone), Fairfield Rd, Greenfield Ave,  King Street, Midton Rd, Parkhouse St, Racecourse Rd, Racecourse View, Seafield Rd, Wellington Sq.(north leg), Wellington Sq.(south leg), Wheatfield Dr, Whitletts Rd and on either side of Alloway Pl (from Fort St to Racecourse Rd), Blackburn Rd( from Blackburn Dr to racecourse Rd), Corsehill Rd (from Racecourse View to Racecourse Rd), Doonfoot Rd (from Racecourse View to 120m south of Carwinshoch View), Ewenfield Rd (from Monument Rd to Maybole Rd), Fort St (from Wellington Sq. south to Wellington Sq. north), Monument Rd (from 33m north of Corsehill Rd to 65m south of Corsehill Rd and from 33m north of Chapelpark Rd to 33m south of Chapelpark Rd), Queens Terrace (from Bath Place to Cromwell Rd), Ayr; and on either side of Shawfarm Rd (along its whole length), Shaw Rd(from Shawfarm Rd to the Airport perimeter), Prestwick.

Banned Turns

Plan 4 Banned turns

Plan 5 Banned turns

Between 16:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs on Sat 2/9/17 and Sun 3/9/17

For any vehicle to turn right from Maybole Rd onto A77 (Trunk) or from Doonholm Rd onto A77 (Trunk), from Old Racecourse onto Doonholm Rd, or to turn left from Carwinshoch View onto Doonfoot Rd, Ayr.




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