Recycling in the heart of the home

Food recyclingFenwick resident, Mary Tedford welcomed Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council to her home recently to demonstrate how easy the Council’s new recycling system is to use.

In August last year, the Council began the roll out of the food and plastics recycling system to all households in East Ayrshire. This will be fully completed during the course of this year.

Households will receive a weekly collection of food waste and mixed household plastics and our rural households will also receive a weekly black box collection service. To date the service has been very successful with local residents really getting behind the new service.

Mrs Tedford said: “It is so easy to recycle from home with the new system. My blue bin is my fullest bin with newspapers, cardboard and paper. I am very careful with our meals so we don’t have a lot of food waste however it is very easy and convenient to use. The replacement bin liners supplied by the Council mean that there are no horrible smells from leftover food and the food waste bin is collected every week.

“My green bin definitely isn’t as full as it used to be and we don’t use it as much now that we have the food recycling and mixed plastic recycling available each week.”

The new service is supported by a fleet of state of the art vehicles. Their innovative design means that waste can be removed quickly, so vehicles can collect more material each day than was possible previously.

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council was joined at Mrs Tedford’s home by Kevin Wallace, vehicle driver for Mrs Tedford’s collection route.

Councillor Reid said: “I have visited Western Road to view the vehicles which are making the new service possible and they are quite a feat of engineering. The special design means that waste is separated into different compartments on the vehicle making it extremely easy to empty when the vehicle returns to the recycling centre. The new vehicles have also allowed the Council to roll out black box kerbside recycling to rural households for the first time. This will help the Council to achieve recycling targets and avoid unnecessary, and costly, landfill tax.

“It is great to hear directly from local people about how easy the new system is to use at home. I would like to thank Mrs Tedford for inviting us into her home and demonstrating the new system. At first I think some people were concerned about the smell of the food waste but this really isn’t the case as bin liners and specially designed containers seal in any unpleasant odours, and as food is collected weekly, there is little opportunity for the food to decompose to any great extent before being collected.

“From the evidence gathered from households it is clear that their residual waste bin isn’t as full as it used to be now that even more waste is sent for recycling. This can only be good news for the future.”

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