Probationer of the Year award

Ellen enjoyed her probationary year at Nether Robertland Primary in Stewarton where she taught a Primary 5 class.

Headteacher Shauna Wilson said: “Ellen has proved to be an exceptional practitioner during her probationary year, often participating in school ventures and activities beyond the classroom and school day. She is a very talented individual whose enthusiasm has a ripple effect in the way in which she encourages colleagues to get on board with various new initiatives. She inspires those around her.

“The whole school community is celebrating her success in achieving this very well deserved award.”

Councillor Fiona Campbell, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “I wish to congratulate Ellen Roy on this wonderful achievement. She was a former Head Girl at Grange Academy, was Mr Smith’s Mathematician of the Month from Pi Day 2015 and has now lifted the Probationer of the Year award.

“Ellen has shown ability, enthusiasm and dedication not only to her P5 class but to the school as a whole. Well done Ellen, we are all very proud of you.”