Marmotte Écosse Postponed

The Marmotte Écosse international two day cycling event is now to be held in East Ayrshire on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May 2017.

The event was planned for late September 2016 as the first qualifying event in the 2017 UCI World Gran Fondo World Series.

Due to delays in the confirmation of the license for UCI status, which was out with the control of the Council and the event organisers, a decision has been taken in consultation with key bodies to postpone the event until next Spring.

The CEO of Golazo Cycling Limited and the event organiser, Tom Caldwell, has confirmed his commitment to delivering the event to the scale and quality initially proposed to East Ayrshire Council. He said: “We are passionate about cycling and making our events as good as they can be.

“The additional prestige of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series will differentiate Marmotte Écosse from other events.

“The event was ready to go if we had secured the license. The preparedness is down to the partnership stuck between Golazo Cycling and East Ayrshire Council and our joint efforts to make it happen. The event will happen and it will be bigger and better for having waited to secure the UCI status.”

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