Local Conversation held in East Ayrshire

On Friday 2 December, the East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership (EAHSCP) hosted their Local Conversation at the Grand Hall, Kilmarnock. The purpose of the event was to share opinions on the Strategic Plan and also hear feedback from the recent locality meetings that have been held all over East Ayrshire.

Ian Welsh, Chair of the Integration Joint Board, opened the event. Eddie Fraser, Director of EAHSCP then spoke on the priorities of the Partnership, the issues they have heard so far at locality meetings and how the EAHSCP are helping to resolve these matters.

Attendees were split into groups to discuss the information they had heard earlier that morning during Eddie Fraser’s presentation. The aim was to have a conversation on working together locally. A tea and coffee break followed, with a show from Musical Minds, the choir from the Howard Centre, Kilmarnock.

The session then broke off into four workshops, each attendee being able to attend two of their choice. Each attendee had the choice of two workshops between: Children and Young People – from the earliest years and beyond; Living well and keeping well at home; Wellbeing is about living a healthy, active life at all life stages; and making the difference in communities. These workshops were to highlight the work that is already being done within communities across East Ayrshire and to generate discussion on how to improve our services.

Eddie Fraser, Director of the East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Listening to the people of East Ayrshire is a main priority to us.
“Without their opinions and feedback our services would not be able to work to their full potential.
“Our Local Conversation has given us the chance to discuss the feedback of the public and how we can use this to improve our services.”


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