Kilmarnock Academy to remember the fallen at special ceremony

On Friday 10 November Kilmarnock Academy will hold a special remembrance ceremony at the war memorial within the school’s old building.

The school, which will merge with James Hamilton Academy and move to the new William McIlvanney Campus in April 2018, is planning a number of public and private events to mark the Elmbank Drive establishment’s positive impact on the town.

The remembrance ceremony will include special invited guests including former pupils and those who have contributed to the school’s illustrious past. As a mark of respect, the school would also like to invite family members of masters and pupils who gave their lives during the two World Wars.

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council and Kilmarnock Academy alumnus said: “Kilmarnock Academy is an integral part of Kilmarnock’s landscape both physically and in terms of its proud history as an outstanding educational establishment. Running up to April next year the school is planning a programme of fitting tributes including an open day and a special edition of the Goldberry, which many of you will remember was the school magazine.

“The remembrance ceremony will be a significant event on the programme for former pupils and staff. The school wish to invite family members of former pupils who died during the two World Wars to the ceremony. If you know someone, or you are related to someone who is listed on the school’s war memorials, please email your details to”

There are two war memorials within the old school building.

The impressive Italian marble war memorial, unveiled in 1923, names 142 masters and pupils who gave their lives in the Great War. The school placed the memorial within the main entrance hall so that future generations would never forget the supreme sacrifice made by Kilmarnock Academy’s young people and teachers.

The names listed on the memorial are:
Driver Thomas Wilson Anthony, R.F.A.
Private Alexander Armour, Gordons
Corporal George B. Armstrong, Canadians
Lieutenant, John D. Baird M.C., R.A.F.
2nd Lieutenant James Barnett, R.S.F
Private Walter Eric Barrett, H.L.I.
Sergeant Alexander Baxter, Canadians
Private Archie Baxter, R.N.D.
Private George A. Begg, Cameronians
Private George Blair, Seaforths
Private R. Gordon Boyd, Gordons
2nd Lieutenant John Boyd, R.S.F
Private John Boyd, Camerons
Private Andrew Bower, S.R.
Private Andrew Brown, R.S.F.
Private John Brown, A. & S.H.
Private John Brown, H.L.I.
Private Robert Brown, Camerons
2nd Lieutenant William Brown, R.S.F.
2nd Lieutenant Andrew Bryson, H.L.I.
2nd Lieutenant J.A.C. Cairns, K.O.S.B.
BDR Thomas Calderwood, R.G.A.
Private John Caldwell, R.S.F.
Trooper Robert Caldwell, Ayrshire Yeomanry
Corporal A. Ian Campbell, R.S.F.
A.B. William Campbell, R.S.F.
Private Ben Carruthers, K.O.S.B.
Sergeant Robert C. Carswell, R.F.A.
Lance Corporal James W.B. Chalmers, H.L.I.
BDR Wm Clelland, R.F.A.
Captain Alexander Findlay Cook, R.A.M.C.
Trooper George Corson, Scottish Horse
Lieutenant John Cowan, Canadians
Private John C. Currie, Canadians
Lance Corporal Wm Charles Davidson, R.S.F.
Private Charles F. Dickson, H.L.I.
Sergeant David A. Dickson, Canadians
2nd Lieutenant William Duff, H.L.I.
Trooper William G. Duguid, 8th Light Horse A.I.F.
Private John A. Dunlop, R.S.
Sapper T. Emery, R.G.A.
Sergeant James W. Ewing, R.S.F.
Engineer John Fairweather, R.N.
Sergeant Wm G. Ferguson, Ayrshire Yeomanry
Private James G. Findlay, H.L.I.
Corporal James Fisher, R.S.F.
2nd Lieutenant James F. Fulton, Camerons
Private Andrew R. Gibb, H.L.I.
Private George Gilchrist, Royal Warwicks
Private Hugh Gilchrist, B.&S.H.
Private Fred Green, Scots Guards
Gunner P. Scott Gemmell, M.M.G.B.
Lance Corporal Oliver Gemmell, Gordons
Lance Corporal Thomas C. Gold, B.&S.H.
2nd Lieutenant Aubrey P. Haggo, R.S.F.
Private John Harvey, Royal Fusiliers
Colour Sergeant Major Robert Highet, R.S.
Lance Corporal William Highet, Manchesters
2nd Lieutenant James Hyslop, R.E.
Captain Thos. Houston, R.A.M.C.
Private James Howie, R.S.F.
Private Hubert C. Hutton, South African Scottish
Private William Johnston, R.S.
2nd Lieutenant James R. Kean, R.S.F.
Chaplain Rev. John Kellie, Camerons
Private James Kerr, H.L.I.
Private William Kerr, H.L.I.
Corporal James King, R.S.F.
Private Robert King, R.S.
Private James M. Kirkland, Seaforths
Private John A. Kirkland, R.H.
2nd Lieutenant George Lambert, Camerons
2nd Lieutenant William F. Lambert, S.R.
Private Hugh D. Lambie, K.O.S.B.
Private Andrew A. Lambie, Canadian Highlanders
Gunner Matthew Lamont, R.F.A.
Private Walter Landsborough, Canadians
2nd Lieutenant Graeme Lang, K.O.S.B.
Private Alex. Learmont, A.I.F.
Lance Corporal William C. Ligat, R.S.F.
Corporal Alexander M. Lyon, Canadian Seaforths
Private James Lyon, R.S.
Sergeant George McCrone, Seaforths
Private Alex McCurdie, B.&S.H.
Sergeant Major James McFarlane D.C.M., Scottish Highlanders
Private Adam McGregor, Liverpool Scottish
Private Alex. T. McGregor, Seaforths
Private David McGregor, B. &S.H.
Private William B. McHoul, Camerons
2nd Lieutenant William McInnes, Wiltshires
Captain S.F.H. Mackay, East Lancs.
Gunner Donald H. McKenzie, R.F.A.
Private Malcolm Mackintosh, R.S.F.
Captain Samuel McKnight, Royal Scots
Private Duncan McK. Maclarty, H.L.I.
Private Arch. McLelland, Gordons
Private John McNay, H.L.I.
Private Alex. McMurray, Northants.
2nd Lieutenant George McQuaker, R.S.F.
Private James Mair, Gordons
Private Thomas Maxwell, Royal Fusiliers
Corporal Hugh H. Miller, Scots Guards
Lance Corporal William Miller, Camerons
2nd Lieutenant John Sydney Morton, R.S.
Sergeant Duncan McNicol Muir, Canadians
Lance Corporal J. Wilfred Muir, Seaforths
Gunner Robert McC. Munn, Canadian Field Artillery
Private William Murdoch, H.L.I.
Private James Nairn, R.S.F.
Gunner Wm. McKay Neil, Royal Marine L.I.
Private George Paton, B.&S.H.
Private Hugh Paton, R.S.F.
Lance Corporal William Picken, H.L.I.
Gunner James S. Rennie, M.M.G.
Lieutenant J.H. Robertson, R.H.
Lance Corporal James Muir Rogerson, H.L.I.
Private John Elliot Rogerson, H.L.I.
2nd Lieutenant James Rome, H.L.I.
Private William Roxburgh, B.&S.H.
2nd Lieutenant Archd. Scott, Gordons
Private George R. Scott, S.R.
Lance Corporal Robert W. Shankland, S.R.
Sergeant John Shields, R.F.A.
Corporal George D. Smillie, Machine Gun Corps
2nd Lieutenant John Sommervill, R.S.F.
Private Jon L. Stevens, A.S.C.
Sergeant George Strathdee, Seaforths
2nd Lieutenant Andrew Sturrock, R.S.F.
Lieutenant George Sturrock, R.S.F.
Private Quentin James Tannock, K.O.S.B.
Captain Adrian C. Taylor, H.L.I.
Private Arthur A. Thomson, A.S.C.
Private Matthew S. Thomson, S.R.
Lieutenant Stewart A. Thomson, South Notts. Hussars
Bomb. Robert Thomson, R.F.A.
Private Peter Travers, Gordons
2nd Lieutenant Elliot D. Turner, H.L.I.
Captain Joseph Wilson M.C., Camerons
Captain B. Inglis Wyllie, R.S.F.
Lieutenant Andrew Yates Young, R.S.F.
Private Robert Young, Seaforths
R.S.M. James Young D.C.M., R.S.F.

The World War II memorial takes the form of an ornate book. The Art and Technical staff from the school designed and made the memorial book, casket and plinth. A special edition of the Goldberry was also produced recording each name along with a short biography.

The rector of the time, Robert MacIntyre wrote in the Goldberry: “It is a stark and tragic statement which there has been no attempt to gloss or adorn. We have made it so because without breach of faith to the dead no other course was possible. The inescapable fact about a war memorial is that is must be a memorial of war, with all that implies of heartbreak, suffering and the premature and seemingly fortuitous extinction of hope and promise.

“It is well that, if sacrifice is not again to prove vain, succeeding generations should not forget these bitter realities.”

Those named within the memorial book are:
Robert Simpson Adair – RAF
Robert John Alexander – RAF
Robert Armour – 74 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
William Armour – RAF Sergeant Air Gunner
Allan Beattie – 6th Battalion, The Royal Scots Fusiliers
John Douglas Bell – Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Robert Cochran Boyd – York and Lancaster Regiment
Cecil John Brice – RAF
Francis George Burgess – 272 Squadron RAF
Thomas McWhirter Calderwood – RAF
James Andrew Caldwell – RAF
Thomas Trevor Charlton – RAF
William Cringan – No. VI Commando in Tunisia
James Howat Edington – Royal Navy SS Narva
John Gibson – RAF
James Gordon Gray – RAF
George Templeton Guthrie – Royal Navy
Hugh Graham Hamilton – RAF
John Hears – RAF
Jack Stuart Henderson – RAF
Robert Herries – RAF
William Smith Ingram – RAF
Allan James Nolf Jamieson – RAF
David Joyce – Army Air Corps
John Mackenzie Law – died serving in Burma
T. Lindsay Leighton – RAF
Charles Lennie – Royal Army Service Corps
James Gordon Richmond Ling – RAF
George Lindsay Newall Lorimer – Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Campbell Boyle Love – Royal Army Medical Corps
William McCallum – Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)
John Inglis McCrone – Scots Guards
George McCulloch McGavin – RAF
Robert Mackintosh McKay – Royal Army Service Corps
Donald Gordon Mackenzie – RAF
Greta Gillies Mackenzie – Civil Defence
Donald Weaver Maclean – Royal Navy, HMS Tricula
John McLean – The King’s Own Scottish Borderers
Archie Mitchell – 25th Dragoons
John Mitchell – RAF
Robert Montgomery – RAF
William David Moore – Royal Army Medical Corps
William Wilson Morton – RAF
Andrew Muir – RAF (recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross)
Margaret Sheila Grace Munro – Radio Operator
David Black Murdoch – Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and Parachute Regiment
Donald John Nicholson – RAF
Robert Anderson Peacock – Royal Marines Force Viper
Robert Picken – Royal Navy HMS Saumarez
Henry Pringle – Royal Navy HMS Hecla
Clifford Prophet – RAF
James Ridley – 1st Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers
Robert Macdonald Ronaldson – RAF
John Scott – 11th Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers
Alan Black Sim – Fleet Air Arm
Robert Black Sim – RAF
John James Smith – RAF
Don Strachan – Royal Navy
John Calderhead Bruce Strang – RAF
Adrian Archibald Taylor – Merchant Navy
Alan Watson Thom – Royal Aircraft Establishment, High Speed Flight innovator
Crawford Hogarth Thomson – Royal Navy
Maxwell Walker – Royal Navy HM Submarine Regulus
Thomas Jack Walker – RAF
Agnes Dunbar Wilson – WAAF
Matthew Drummond Henderson Wilson – RAF
Andrew Young – RAF
Hugh Mair Young – The Royal Scots Fusiliers

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