Household waste only at local recycling centres

A new appointment system has been introduced this week at the household waste recycling centres at Western Road, Kilmarnock and Garlaff near Skares for residents who drive commercial vehicles, pick-ups or vehicles with trailers.

Both recycling centres are provided for East Ayrshire residents to dispose of a large range of recyclate and household waste.

Through the purchase of a commercial recycling permit, East Ayrshire’s businesses can also dispose of recyclate at the Western Road recycling centre in Kilmarnock. However, commercial and trade waste is not accepted at either Western Road or Garlaff.

It has become clear that businesses, many from well out with East Ayrshire’s borders, are attempting to dispose of their commercial and trade waste at the recycling centres, with large amounts of trade waste being brought in commercial vehicles, pick-ups or vehicles with trailers. This means that the Council is paying to dispose of this waste, a cost which should be paid by the businesses concerned.
To address this problem and to ensure that only household waste is disposed of at the recycling centres, the Council has introduced an appointment system for these types of vehicles.

Householders, even if they have rented or borrowed a van for a clear out, will need to make an appointment and provide ID to the site attendant with a signed household waste declaration form.

Councillor Jim Buchanan, Spokesperson for Delivery Community Regeneration said: “It is essential that as a Council we target businesses who are abusing the household waste recycling centres. Businesses can purchase a commercial recycling permit for Western Road which allows a wide range of recycling opportunities so we aren’t saying don’t use the facilities, just please use them properly.

“Householders who are wishing to dispose of waste using a van, pick up or trailer, can book an appointment through the Council website or by contacting Waste Management.

“As these types of vehicles generally take longer on site, it is hoped that the appointment system will reduce congestion and improve user safety.”

Further information regarding the appointment system for commercial type vehicles or Recycling Permits for commercial business use is available on the Council’s website. Should you require additional information please contact Waste Management Services on 01563 554033 or email


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