Extended recycling a resounding success

Kerbside recycling activity has increased in East Ayrshire since the introduction of a full range of kerbside recycling collection services last year and the change of collection frequency of the landfill bin to three weeks.

Residents are really getting behind the new system which allows food, plastics, cardboard, glass, cans, textiles and small electrical items to be collected from their doorstep.

The demand for recycling from home has increased significantly with almost 1000 additional recycling containers being requested by householders, with additional recycling containers available on request.

This desire to recycle from home has led to a decline in the use of local recycling points, with smaller sites now being misused with the wrong waste being placed in containers. This results in the genuine recycling efforts of householders being in vain, as the contents are no longer suitable for recycling and have to be landfilled. Smaller sites are also prone to vandalism.

A decision has therefore been taken to close 18 small recycling points this summer and to keep recycling at the nine local supermarkets in Auchinleck, Galston, Kilmarnock, Cumnock and Stewarton, which already accounts for over 70% of recycling presented.

Councillor Eòghann MacColl, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said: “Since the new system was introduced the Council has seen a positive change in the way people are recycling. Recycling collected from the doorstep has increased significantly over the year and there has been a consequent reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill.

“The Council is working towards achieving the ambitious national waste targets established by the Scottish Government – 60% recycling of all waste by 2020 and 70% by 2025. It is essential that we achieve the landfill diversion targets to avoid the associated landfill tax. This tax would have a huge impact on the Council at a time of every tightening budgets.

“The Waste Management Services team are committed to improving their service and achieving the national targets. Their professionalism and dedication is to be commended. I am sure that with this team at the helm, the Council will continue to make positive progress.”

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