Council set to roll out food recycling

Funding of £844,275 from Zero Waste Scotland will allow East Ayrshire Council to press ahead with bold plans for food recycling.

Late in 2010, after a detailed study of local residual waste, the Council introduced a kerbside collection pilot for food recycling to 9500 households. It had been found that organic kitchen waste and mixed plastics were the most common items in the green bin, so organic kitchen waste, which is biodegradable, was collected by householders in internal and external bins and collected weekly.

The pilot proved to be very successful with all householders getting firmly behind the recycling scheme.

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of East Ayrshire Council said: “As part of the budget setting for 2013/14 the Council approved a range of new arrangements for Waste Management. East Ayrshire is at the forefront of kerbside recycling in Scotland but we are still facing a landfill tax bill of over £2million and this will only increase over time. We have to look at new ways of reducing the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill and food recycling is a clear winner.

“Thanks to the funding from Zero Waste Scotland, we will be rolling out food recycling over the next two years to all but a very few of our 56,000 households and we will also be working closely with local businesses to look at ways of rolling out food recycling to commercial users.”

In addition to food recycling the Council will also be rolling out the collection of mixed plastics to all households.


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