Cabinet Secretary sees health transformation in action in East Ayrshire

The Cabinet Secretary was given a tour of Rothesay House in Cumnock where she met staff delivering the Council’s nationally acclaimed and award winning Adult Front Door Service which has been improving outcomes for people and reducing demand on services. A multidisciplinary team, working with community partners, has created a single point of access that connects people with community resources. Where intervention is necessary, it then organises co-ordinated and efficient support.

Leader of the Council Councillor Douglas Reid, Chief Executive Fiona Lees and Eddie Fraser, Director of East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership told the Cabinet Secretary about progress in other areas of health and social care. Since April 2006, the Council has achieved zero hospital delayed discharges and is supporting people in a more homely setting. 

The Council has also been working with Community Planning Partners and within local areas to encourage local communities to get involved in issues around health. The Cabinet Secretary was also interested to hear about the Council’s Thinking Differently approach, which delivers personalised models of care by encouraging people to play an active role, as equal partners, in managing and directing their health and care needs.

There has also been a substantial amount of work carried out locally to recognise, empower and support carers and young carers to improve their health and wellbeing and have a life alongside their caring role.

Cabinet Secretary Jeane Freeman said: “This transformation in East Ayrshire is an excellent example of local health and social care partnerships working together with communities to rethink traditional care and grow support in their area.

“Shaping services with the people who use them is key to providing a high standard of care and as we announced earlier this month in our Programme for Government, we are undertaking a range of measures to ensure people get access to the right support, in the right place, at the right time, across Scotland.”

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council said: “We were pleased to be able to share our approach to delivering transformation and future sustainability with the Cabinet Minister, particularly in the areas of health and social care.

“We are ambitious for East Ayrshire and are committed to working with our communities to improve and sustain wellbeing and care, and to promote equity. Prevention and early intervention are critical and are key to our approach in managing demand, making the best use of our resources and securing the best outcomes for the people we serve.”