Bellfield Youth Football Club branch out

Bellfield Youth Football Club has started a new partnership project involving young people from Park School.

The club has started a block of football training sessions for young people aged between 12 and 16 years of age who have a learning disability.

Working in partnership with Vibrant Communities, Enable Scotland and the Academy Community Sports Hub, the first block of football training will take place over a five week period.

Alex Smith, Secretary of Bellfield Youth Football Club said: “Bellfield YFC was delighted to be asked by Vibrant Communities and Enable Scotland to provide football coaching to the young people from Park School.

“This has been a fantastic project so far. The coaches and the young people have been having great fun during the training sessions. Cameron Elliot, from our U19 team, has taken a lead role in the training which will really help his development as a coach.

“We hope that after the initial block has finished we can continue to work in partnership to provide coaching sessions to ensure that sport is accessible to all.”

Gillian Baker from Enable Scotland said: “The project is aimed at families with children who have a learning disability in Ayrshire, to experience rest bite by taking part in activates out of school. Enable Scotland secured funding from Share Care Scotland/ Better Breaks, who support over 30 families and children in Ayrshire to take part in fun activities such as bowling, trampoline club, football, skiing, arts and crafts, beach walks, cinema, going out for dinner and fun days out.

“Parents and carers are able to have a break while their young person is having fun with others.”

Councillor Eoghann MacColl, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said: “Vibrant Communities are working with Bellfield Youth Football Club and Enable Scotland to ensure that football is accessible to every young person in our community. The first block of training is going really well and we are very hopeful that this training will become sustainable within the community.”

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