Young Pig

If you keep pigs you must inform the Scottish Government each time you move pigs off your holding. Moves must now be notified either before or on the day you move pigs.

You can inform the Scottish Government of the movement by registering with the ScotEID national movement database at
Once registered, you can register as a pig keeper by adding the details of your pig holding to your current registration details.

The ScotEID help office can provide further help by email( or by phone on 01466 794323.

Every movement on or off your holding must be recorded in your holding register within 48 hours of the move taking place.

You must keep your records for a minimum of 3 years (even if you stop keeping pigs) and once a year you must record the number of pigs on your holding.

The ScotEID movement database has an on-line holding register which you can elect to use as your record.

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