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Social Worker - MHO - Hospital Team - EAY05246

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Ref EAY05246
Closing Date 30/09/2020
Service Health and Social Care Partnership
Based at Crosshouse Hospital, Lister Street, Kilmarnock
Salary £34,307.00 to £37,510.00
Hours 35.00
Job Description

Protect and promote the welfare and wellbeing of Children, Adults at Risk and Communities through the exercise of Statutory Powers to address complex issues. This is done through the assessment of need, the formulation and implementation of care plans, in conjunction with other external agencies and partner organisations In order to assist with the promotion, delivery and integration of the key objectives in relation to those identified within the Health & Social Care Partnership Plan and the Community Plan

The duties of the post involve Regulated Work with children and/or protected adults, as specified in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. Successful applicants for such posts will be required to become a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme member in respect of Regulated Work with either or both of these groups as appropriate, or if they are already a Scheme member, be subject to a PVG Scheme Record Update, before any formal offer of employment can be made by East Ayrshire Council.
Please note:- PVG members' records are constantly updated with any new vetting information that arises. Any information that is disclosed on a PVG Scheme Record or Scheme Record Update, if relevant to the post being applied for, will be discussed with the applicant prior to any formal offer of employment being made.
Additional Information

This is a full time permanent post based within the Hospital Team at Crosshouse Hospital.

Salary £34,307 - £37,510 plus 5% market forces payment.

Apply now: Social Worker - MHO - Hospital Team - EAY05246: EAY05246