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The red box is for mixed household plastics and cans and is collected every week from the kerbside along with your food waste container and black box - or recycling trolley delivery .

All residents have been supplied with a net to attach to their red box. If required residents can request a lid for their red box.

New recycling trolley

To find out how your red box service will change as the recycling trolley collection service is launched during 2018, visit the recycling trolley and frequently asked questions web pages.

What can I put in my red box?

Place the following plastics into your red box:

  • plastic bottles, including plastic lids - all drinks, shampoo and detergent bottles
  • butter, margarine and ice cream tubs
  • yoghurt pots and drinks
  • biscuit and cake trays
  • meat trays, fruit and vegetable trays
  • mixed cartons - juices, detergents, baby milk formulas
  • drinks and food cans
  • pet food cans

All containers should be free of food residue and liquids. If you find a stale loaf of bread in your bread bin, place the stale bread in your food waste container and the wrapper in your general waste bin. It is recommended that containers are rinsed out out before placing in the red box. It is not necessary to remove labels.  

What cannot be collected?

Do not place the following into your red box:

  • hard or rigid plastics such as toys, dog beds, basins
  • polystyrene
  • plastic film, carrier bags or food wrapping

Take larger plastic items to your nearest Recycling Centre.

If your house produces more plastics than can be accommodated in the red box, we recommend that you squash all of the air out of your used plastic containers. 

Excess plastics and cans secured in a bag and placed alongside the red box on collection day will be uplifted. Please be careful to secure the bag, as plastics and cans are light and will be easily carried away in the wind. Many of our local recycling points also have facilities for recycling mixed plastics.

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