Western Road recycling depot improvement works

From Tuesday 25 September, the Western Road recycling depot in Kilmarnock will be closed weekdays, with every effort being made to return to normal operating hours prior to the Christmas period.

These reduced opening hours arrangements are necessary to ensure public safety while we progress with phase two of the essential works required for the upgrade and improvement of our recycling facilities.

A number of buildings on site, including the large cardboard sorting shed and two former office buildings will be demolished during this phase of the works. 

This will make way for improved facilities for our employees who sort your recycling and ensure that all users have easier and safer access to the site. 
Extended hours will operate at weekends for the duration of the closure. Western Road recycling depot will be open 8am to 5.50pm, Saturday and Sundays and our waste management site at Garlaff, Skares, KA18 2RB will be open as normal. 

For the duration of the closure, the Waste Management Services helpline 01563 554033 will be operating during office hours Monday to Friday, providing communities with advice and support. 

We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience these essential works may cause, and thank you for your patience as we work to upgrade the Western Road Depot. 

Weekly updates

30 October 2018

  • The former cardboard baling shed and pest control offices have been demolished
  • The former Community Leisure building has also been demolished
  • Ground works are now underway, forming a new road, bin store and bulking area

Recycling centre works       Recycling centre works2

Completed works

Western Road recycling depot in Kilmarnock closed on Sunday 8 April for seven weeks.

This temporary closure was necessary to ensure public safety while we progress with essential works required for the upgrade and improvement of our recycling facilities. The improvement programme will provide easier access to the site for users, a new entrance gate will improve the flow of traffic around the site and there will be better facilities for employees.

Additional measures were put in place for the duration of the closure:

  • Extended opening times at the Recycling Centre at Garlaff (near Cumnock) - Monday to Sunday 8am - 6pm
  • Uplift of up to 3 bags of general waste alongside the scheduled collection of the residual waste bin
  • Additional garden waste can be placed alongside the brown bin on the scheduled day of collection. Additional garden waste should be placed within biodegradable sacks. The sacks are provided free of charge via our Customer Contact Centres, located at John Dickie Street (Civic North), Stewarton (Avenue Street) and Galston (Henrietta Street)
  • Public access to the Southhook Waste Facility on Southhook Road, Kilmarnock each Sunday 8am – 6pm during the closure of the Western Road site. Please note that this is restricted for the disposal of general waste, garden waste and timber/wood waste only
  • A dedicated helpline will operate throughout the duration of the closure seven days a week (normal office hours), call 01563 554033

18 May 2018

  • The remainder of the public recycling area of phase 2 has been prepped and poured


  • White lining works have been completed within the public area, entrance road and staff car parking


  • The new rubble and wood storage area has been completed
  • The new glass store has been completed

11 May 2018

  • Surfacing has been completed for the new car park
  • Concreting of the public recycling area has been completed
  • New lighting columns have been installed
  • Cabling is continuing throughout the site


 4 May 2018

  • Preparation work has been ongoing for the concrete area associated with the new public recycling area
  • Existing road surfaces have been prepared for new tar and surfacing works will take place next week
  • Drainage has been installed around the site
  • Public area fencing works are now underway


27 April 2018

  • Additional cladding works have been completed at the Material Recovery Facility

Cladding Works at side of Material Recovery Facility

  • The over-band magnet and eddy currents, which attract steel can and aluminium cans when they travel along the picking line, have been installed within the Material Recovery Facility
  • Ducting for the waste and recycling compaction units are currently being installed
  • Foundation works for the concrete slab have been laid, this area was previously taken up by the ramp on the Recycling Centre

Foundation Works for Concrete Slab (previously where ramp was located)

  • An electrical sub-station has been installed near the main entrance

Installation of Electric Sub-station

19 April 2018

  • The Recycling Centre ramp has now been demolished and the rubble is being taken off site
  • The foundations for the new glass bay are in place and the first level of concrete blocks laid down

Laying Foundations for New Glass Bay

  • New lighting columns have been installed at the back of the yard, which will provide improved visibility and security during the winter months and at night
  • The new baler, which will be used to bale our cans and plastics, arrived earlier this week

Installation of New Material Recoveryt Facility Baler

  • Electrical trenches are being refilled and reinstated with tar

13 April 2018

Civil works are being carried out by Robertson Construction and works within the Material Recovery Facility are being carried out by CWS Engineering.

Laying Foundations and Drainage at Recycling Centre

Works carried out to date

  • 1200m of service tracking throughout the site to accommodate the new lighting, CCTV and security systems is nearly complete. There has been over 4500m of ducting installed into the ground so far
  • Concrete hardstanding for the new public area has been completed. These works included breaking out of the existing hard standings area, demolition of the existing concrete walls and structures and relocation of the existing legio blocks
  • New fencing works for the new access road off John Walker Drive is now complete
  • Fixing drains and laying of concrete in front of Material Recovery Facility Building is complete

Works ongoing

  • Demolition of Recycling Centre Ramp
  • Breaking out tarmac in front of Outdoor Amenities Building
  • Installation of new electrical sub-station
  • New and refurbished plant being installed within Material Recovery Facility

 Demolition of Ramp & Servicing area

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