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Why are we changing to recycling trolleys?Recyling Trolley

The Scottish Government in its efforts to ensure waste is seen as a valuable resource, introduced the Household Recycling Charter for Scotland. This Charter is designed to establish a more consistent and uniform approach to how waste is captured for recycling across Scotland. 

As a signatory to the Household Recycling Charter, the Council has successfully bid for funding in excess of £2M to introduce the recycling trolley collection system.  The recycling trolley not only complies with Charter requirements, but enables us to provide a weekly collection service for paper and card, plastics and cans, glass alongside food waste in the vehicles currently used for food and plastic collections only. 


Preparing for your new recycling trolley



Your 2018 collection calendar, highlights that from 19 February (South of the area ) and from 9 April (North of the area) how you use your red and black boxes will change.  From these dates how you use your boxes and present them for collection will change: 

  • red box - plastics and cans  
  • black box - mixed glass
  • both boxes will be collected weekly alongside the food caddy

Your calendar highlights your new weekly recycling collection day.  Your boxes and food caddy will be collected together each week until your recycling trolley is delivered.  Once you receive your trolley use it immediately, as from the next week your recycing trolley and food waste will be collected on your weekly recycling collection day.


What is a recycling trolley & how do I use it



The trolley which will replace the blue bin, comprises three separate boxes which fit securely onto a wheeled base. Just like your green or brown bin, the recycling trolley can be wheeled to your usual collection point for emptying.  

The top box, which is secured by a lock, is for paper and cardboard.  The middle box is for mixed plastics, cartons and cans and the bottom box is for mixed glass.  

The box will be collected weekly alongside food waste.  

When you receive your recycling trolley you will also be provided with an updated service booklet.

How big is the recycling trolley?

The recycling trolley is roughly the same size as a wheeled bin. As we will uplift your blue bin on the same day as you receive your recycling trolley, there should be no change to your existing storage arrangements. Your annual recycling calendar, to be issued early 2018, will show when you should expect to receive your recycling trolley.

When will I get one?

All recycling trolleys will be delivered in 2018 ( between February and July). As we are delivering recycling trolleys (and uplifting blue bins ) from almost 59,000  households we cannot do this all at once. We will issue recycling trolleys on a phased basis, starting in the South (Cumnock area) of the authority in February. Your annual recycling calendar, to be issued early 2018, will show when you should expect to receive your recycling trolley.

Overview and timeline

The project will be delivered between October 2017 and July 2018. Before the weekly recycling trolley service is rolled out, the green bin (landfill waste) and brown bin (garden waste) collection services will change slightly. This is enabling us to use our available resources in the most efficient and effective ways.

Phase 1 - October /November 2017 - completed

Issue of householder letters and five month interim collection calendar (1 October 2017 - 16 February 2018) which details change of green bin (landfill waste) collections effective from 6 November 2017

Phase 2 - January/February 2018

Issue of householder letters and annual collection calendar which will detail your:

  • garden waste collection day from March 2018
  • recycling trolley delivery which will coincide with a scheduled blue bin uplift
  • start date for your combined weekly recycling trolley and food collection day

Phase 3 - February - July 2018 

Interim collection arrangements for red boxes and black boxes - effective as follows:

  • 19 February 2018 - South (Cumnock area)
  • 9 April 2018 - North (Kilmarnock area)

Your letter issued in early 2018 and collection calendar will provide details of:

  • delivery of your recycling trolley and your new service leaflet
  • uplift of your blue bin 

Project update

October 2017 - Phase 1 letters and interim calendars are scheduled for delivery at end of October. Should you not receive your letter, please contact us and we can advise of your collections.

Alternatively, as our website recycling calendar search will reflect the interim collection calendar issued, you can carry out a search for your household's collection details for the period 1 October 2017 - 16 February 2018.

Frequently asked questions

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