Recycling trolley schedule - north routes

North routes

Your annual recycling calendar, to be issued early 2018, will show when you should expect to receive your recycling trolley.

Route 1 North Recycling trolley delivery: 14 May 2018 to 15 June 2018
Monday Darvel, Priestland
Tuesday Kilmarnock - New Farm Loch, Moscow, Rural
Wednesday Newmilns
Thursday Stewarton, Rural
Friday Kilmarnock, Rural, Stewarton
Route 2 North Recycling trolley delivery: 16 April 2018 to 18 May 2018
Monday Hurlford, Darvel
Tuesday Galston
Wednesday Dunlop, Kilmaurs
Thursday Kilmarnock, Stewarton, Rural
Friday Galston, Rural
Route 3 North Recycling trolley delivery: 23 April 2018 to 25 May 2018
Monday Stewarton, Rural
Tuesday Crosshouse, Kilmarnock (Riccarton)
Wednesday Kilmarnock (Riccarton, Shortlees, Bellfield)
Thursday Newmilns, Darvel
Friday Kilmarnock, Gatehead, Rural
Route 4 North Recycling trolley delivery: 4 June 2018 to 6 July 2018
Monday Stewarton, Kilmarnock (Beansburn), Rural
Tuesday Kilmarnock (Shortlees)
Wednesday Kilmarnock (Knockinlaw, Bonnyton, Grange)
Thursday Kilmarnock (Longpark, Bonnyton)
Friday Kilmarnock (Bonnyton), Rural
Route 5 North Recycling trolley delivery: 28 May 2018 to 29 June 2018
Monday Kilmarnock and Longpark area
Tuesday Kilmarnock (Onthank and Southcraigs)
Wednesday Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock (Onthank)
Thursday Kilmarnock and Bellfield area
Friday Kilmarnock and Bellfield area
Route  6 North Recycling trolley delivery: 9 April 2018 to 11 May 2018
Monday Kilmarnock (Shortlees, Caprington, Riccarton), Rural
Tuesday Kilmarnock and New Farm Loch
Wednesday Kilmarnock (Onthank, New Farm Loch)
Thursday Crookedholm, Hurlford
Friday Kilmarnock and New Farm Loch
Route  7 North Recycling trolley delivery: 7 May 2018 to 8 June 2018
Monday Rural at Darvel/Newmilns, Sorn and rural
Tuesday Rural at Galston, Rural at Mauchline/Stair, Drongan
Wednesday Fenwick, Waterside, Rural
Friday Stewarton, Kilmarnock

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